Fantastic Tips For Sleeping Comfortably on a Plane

Depending on the hours you will spend on a particular flight, you may want to take time off relaxing your mind and body. For people who are always on the move, using sleep as a fuel to re-energize the body for optimal performance is vital for cranking up your day. Here are some tips on how you can sleep better on a flight.

Stash your gadgets away
Your phone, laptop or iPod can be an unhealthy distraction if you are looking to get some rest mid-flight. While waiting to board a plane in place such the Lagos International Airport, it is fine to stay engrossed with a mobile device however, if your itinerary shows a busy time at your destination and exhaustion starts to kick in, then some peace and quiet what you need.

Plane sleeping

Plane sleeping

Sit close to the window
To enjoy a nice nap, request a seat by the window as this will give you a solid platform to lean your head on while you snooze. Also, this position shelters you from being bumped into while people move around the aisle. If there is a pillow, it’s an even better deal. However, if you have flight fright, it is not worthwhile to sit close to the window.

Pacific Islander businesswoman sleeping on private jet

Tight shoes
Wearing tight shoes is not good for your foot, let alone on a long haul flight. On-board a flight, pull off your shoes especially if it is tight. This will make you comfortable and you just might find easy sleep thereafter

Good blindfold
Blindfolds are used to cover the eyes and block out light rays when sleeping. The nighttime illusion they give can induce sleep as soon as possible so, if you fly regularly, try to carry a blindfold with you always and you can be certain sound sleep.

Buckle your seat belt
As a safety measure do not disregard the announcement by the flight attendant to buckle your seat. Strapping yourself in keeps you safe during a turbulence and ensures no injuries are inflicted on people seated around if you fail to.

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