That time fans went Bonkers On YNaija Over Lagbaja’s Face

Last night, I came across an article from 2013 on Ynaija. It was titled “Artiste, Lagbaja unveiled as Daughter weds. (Photos). It was quite a flashy headline. Who doesn’t want to know the man behind the mask? I clicked on the link to read.

Lo and Behold! I read the entire article and saw no photos. Not even one. I was amazed and somewhat annoyed at the ploy to get clicks. It was quite annoying. Anyway, I wanted to give them a piece of my mind in the comment section, but the comments I saw made me just forgive them in an instant. Nigerians have no chill. Take a look:

To think that this was in 2013, in the days when data was expensive. I think I understand their pain.

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