EPL 2016/17 opening weekend had some nasty shocks

The English Premier League officially kicked off on Saturday, the 13th of August, and there were loads of exciting games played on that day, and also on Sunday the 14th. There were some rude awakenings throughout, and some of my predictions came true (yaay!).So here are some of my thoughts on the games during the weekend (be sure to correct me if I am wrong):

1. Leicester City seem to have sunk into a bit of complacency since their fairy-tale title win last season. They sold off their key midfield player, N’Golo Kante, and replaced him wit Nampalys Mendy, and they still had to play without him due to his paternity leave. Still, that was no excuse for their rusty display against Hull City; though they did show some signs of the team that shocked everyone last season, Hull City out-Leicestered Leicester City.

2. Manchester city got of to a shaky start by Guardiola’s standards. They only just got the win through a paddy MacNair own goal, but a win is a win, and the three points are a good start. Guardiola’s plan has begun to take shape, though there is still some work to be done before they can rival the Barcelona and Bayern teams that everyone came to fear under him.

3. Manchester United get off to a commanding start with a 3-1 drubbing of Bournemouth. This victory is particularly poignant, because the last time the Red Devils played Bournemouth at their home, they were soundly beaten, and that was the beginning of a long slide into oblivion. This win served to erase those memories, and show that Man United are ready for war.

4. Everton held Tottenham to a 1-1 draw, and the weaknesses of both sides were exploited consistently. Everton will have solace in the fact that their new signing Ashley Williams, still has some of that Euro 2016 fire in his belly, which means that John Stones will not be missed too sorely. Tottenham, on the other hand, have a lot of recovering to do. They were not close enough to their blistering form of last season, though some dudes there played real entertaining football.

5. Arsenal opened their Premier League campaign with a 4-3 loss to Liverpool. It’s not like we did not see this one coming. Compare the amount of work that Jurgen Klopp has done in the transfer market, and how he has striven to tinker the squad into a force to be reckoned with in the League, with Arsene Wenger’s signing of Granit Xhaka and Rob Holding ALONE, when there are several improvements begging to be made to the squad. It doesn’t help his cast that Per Mertesacker is injured and there are no matured players to fill in the gap. Or the fact that the most eligible striker available is Theo Walcott,who is best described as “erratic”. Liverpool totally deserved the victory here; maybe it will serve as a wake-up call to Wenger. Or maybe it will not; this kind of thing has happened before, surely.

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