EFL Cup preview: Mancheser United vs Manchester City

Manchester United just got their asses beat. This should serve as a warning to Jose Mourinho and his merry band of bumbling broncos. Why, you ask? Simple, it is because they face Manchester City next, in the EFL Cup. Whoa, you say. Is it not the same Manchester City that have not won for five games in a row? The same Manchester City that lost 4-0 to Barcelona last week?

Well, to be honest, Manchester United have had the upper hand in recent years, when it comes to cup fixtures. It is always a fixture to rival the Clasicos of the world. They have met once already this season, and the game ended in favor of City. Will it be the same this time?

Already, their rivals have started making progress. Yesterday, Arsenal beat Reading to advance to the next round. Liverpool beat Tottenham in the ELF Cup match last night, and proved that they really mean business. Now, it is time for the giants of Manchester to do battle once again, and this time, they both have everything to fight for.

Jose Mourinho lost his last game, and that was a resounding defeat. Therefore, this might look like a titanic battle to regain their lost pride. It definitely looks like United has the worst of the deal. However, remember that Pep Guardiola has no won for five games in a row. In fact, he lost his last Champions League match 4-0 to Barcelona. This is quite embarrassing.

Both coaches are among the best in the world; in fact, I can say that they are the best in the world. They are in charge of two of the world’s most prestigious clubs. However, like a wise old man once said,this is the EFL Cup; anything can happen. Tonight, they face each other. Let us see how well each will fare against the other.

Also, I think it’s time for Zlatan and Pogba to find their mojo real quick. Time is running out, and everyone is losing their patience.

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