Eagles beat Zambia, but what’s the big deal?

Oh, yes! We did it! Nigerians all over the world can breathe a sigh of relief now. The long-awaited match against Zambia has come and gone. The Super Eagles did what they are known to NOT do; they beat Zambia 2-1. Hurrah, hurrah. To me, this result is not so mind-blowing. Not even vaguely.

First of all, we won by a mere two goals. Judging from the hype surroyunding this match, we should have recreated that infamous “99-1” goalfest. Okay, that one was a hoax, but you get the idea. We should have wo more convincingly. Never mind, though; a win is a win, right?
Well, to be frank, a 2-1 win is much better than a 2-1 defeat. Those two Premier League young hotshots, Alex Iwobi and Kelechi Iheanacho, made sure of that. There’s the proof you need, Mr Rohr. We got the guns. Make them work. Also, there’s a bunch of other dudes who impressed (slightly!) on that matchday. William Troost-Ekong showed that his performance at the Olympics was no fluke. Seriously, that guy might be a long-term stalwart. Too bad his defensive partner went missing for the Zambia goal. It was totally not his fault. The goalkeeper, Carl Ikeme, was another dude that showed his class. Between the sticks on Sunday, he was superb, making save after spectacular save. Not that it should have been necessary, given the quality of defenders we think we had. But he did his job brilliantly and kept the scoreline nice and dandy.
Now, what’s next? Let me guess. There’s going to be a flurry of congratulatory messages all over the media. Now, everyone who thinks he’s important in some way will begin associating with the Eagles. Le Sports Minister will jump in front of the bandwagon, of course. Then, the Ministry will owe the squad money. And yes, I’m not going to stop ridiculing the authorities until they stop owing people money. . .oh, wait. They have paid them. Swell. The moral of this story: Eagles, win your next qualifying match, and the government might pay your bonuses. Or just win it, you know. World Cup qualifying matches are meant to be won, if you know what I mean.
Also, Zambia was supposed to be a minor opponent, according to Nigerians. Therefore, I don’t see what the wild celebrations are all about. You don’t get a medal for beating a child in a wrestling match. Not that Zambia is a “child”, of course, but you get the idea. Wait till you meet Egypt again.

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