Do not let success and age seduce you into a black hole

Success – in whatever measure – can be a dangerous thing. If you have achieved success by being a trailblazer – doing the stuff that others were afraid to do, walking new paths that others didn’t see or wouldn’t walk in, and taking the risks that had others wondering about your sanity, success and age can be your undoing.

As the years go by, without even realising it, you may begin to “settle down”, take things easy and take less risks. You figure that you have paid your dues and that it is time to reap from what you have sowed. Who doesn’t want to kick off their shoes and lounge a bit more as age takes its toll on them?


But that is the danger. In today’s fast-paced world where things often take a sharp curve before you even realise that the bend is there, you are almost certain to become a “has-been” – a person now considered to be no longer of any significance or relevance.

Do not believe the saying that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. It is a lie. Learn new tricks. Use your experience to your advantage. Stoke the fires under your bosom. Embrace the warmth and the adrenaline rush.

Do not let success and age seduce you into a black hole. You can excel and win till the very day you close your eyes in death in your ripe old age. Even if the music stops, you do not have to stop dancing.

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Do not let success and age seduce you into a black hole
Mister Mo writes about the dangers of taking things easy over time after achieving some success in life.
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