David Beckham Reveals Dating Rules for His Kids

Former soccer star and model, David Beckham spoke with Entertainment Tonight in an interview, opening up about how the rules differ for his four kids as they get older, especially when it comes to dating.

For his eldest son, he said:

“Obviously Brooklyn is definitely at that age. You know, he’s 16, he’s definitely at that age,” said Beckham. “We’re strong parents, and strict parents, but we’re like most parents. We love our kids and we want the best for them, so we’ll see.”

But will the rules be different for his daughter, Harper? The soccer stud has admitted in the past that he is far less strict with his daughter than he is with his three sons, Brooklyn, Romeo, and Cruz.

“Oh yeah,” he admitted, “that’ll definitely be different.”

“I have no power with that little girl — no power whatsoever.  I love all my children, of course, equally but I’m definitely stricter with the boys than I am Harper, which gets me in trouble with my wife of course.”

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