Obama, Trudeau: proof that solid leaders can be goofy too

Twenty years ago, it would have been preposterous for a world leader to carry on the way American President Barrack Obama has – singing, dancing, fooling around with Michelle, and generally being the coolest guy on the block. Obama brought a new level of groove to political leadership.

Trudeau obama

And now, the Canadian Prime Minister is taking it a notch higher. That’s him in the photo above. The USA has not fallen apart. Canada is still the world’s favourite spot for immigrants. We shall soon have presidents bungee-jumping and all. These two awesome leaders have shown the world that it is possible to be solid leaders and be goofy at the same time. These things are not mutually exclusive.

I remember years ago while I held a pastoral position, I got quite some flack for “dancing too much” and being “too accessible to the congregation”. Supposedly, as a pastor, I was to be sober and not be too groovy. Why? Church/pastoral tradition. It didn’t matter whether or not the tradition made any sense or limit real impact on people’s lives. Of course, I ignored their sentiments and kept grooving.

Everything changes. Life is not static. Every cultural practice, every tradition that you see, was started by someone and has been modified at one point in time or the other. Culture and tradition – no matter type – are not static.

So, when next you see someone kick against something different just because it goes against how things have been done, you know that is someone who is stuck in a rut. Feel free to unlook and get your groove on. Set yourself free of people’s expectations of how you should or should not do things.

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