Champions League games: Man City humiliate Barca

Good day guys. I hope you all enjoyed last night’s Champions League games. Week 4 has kicked off, and just like I predicted, there was a lot of drama on show. We’re going to talk about those events today.

First off, let us talk about Barcelona. Those guys lost last night. They were not just beaten, though- they were handsomely humiliated by Manchester City. This is one of those things you only get to see when the sun comes between Venus and Mars, and that’s saying a lot. Pep G keeps saying that their Camp Nou meltdown was a better performance than last night. Who am I to argue with the best coach in the world? However, I personally prefer this version. They did fall back at the beginning, and watched Barcelona do their thing. But the second half was a masterclass. Watch out, Champions League teams. Manchester City is the new bully on the block.

Last night’s CHampions League games had lots of goals. However, the most outstanding goal award goes to Mesut Ozil; the Arsenal midfielder chipped the Ludogorets keeper, dribbled past two more defenders, and scored into an empty net. All done with a touch of panache. That’s the kind of goal we all love to see. That’s the stuff of YouTube videos. It is the dort of thing that made Arsene Wenger congratulate Ozil on getting nominated for the Ballon d’Or, even though he wasn’t. See? The guy is so good that people think it was a mistake not to nominate him.

Arsenal won their match by a far narrower margin than they did the reverse fixture. What could have caused this? Maybe they were thinking about their game on Sunday. So they decided to play a bit safe. However, their sheer class proved to be decisive in the end.

I’m looking forward to tonight’s round of Champions League games. I really do not expect them to be so dramatic as last night’s games. All the drama has come. However, I fully expect to be surprised at how wrong I am tonight, when Leicester City plays. Let us watch and see.

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