If you cannot give yourself an O, who can?

It seems very fashionable for members of the female gender to complain about men’s inability to give them the Big O. Actually, these days, it looks like men get blamed for everything that’s a problem to women. But that’s a subject for another day. Back to the present subject.

That endless talk about how men’s game is whack is all too common. But have you ever tried to get a car to fly? That’s pretty much what it is like getting some women to come. “Come where?”you ask me. Go ask your daddy or mommy. This is talk for men and women, not boys and girls.

The poor fella pounds her like yam. She no come. He turns her up, down and around like garri in a bowl of hot water; na lie. He switches game and blends her like smoothie; mba. Head nko? The head is not there either. He strums her like a guitar – Spanish or Indian, it doesn’t matter. She no come. Na go she hear. It is a hopeless case.

He is doing everything by the book and improvising on top of it all, yet the babe is no closer to the Big O after one hour of it all. Yet, she shows up on social media to gripe about how men’s game is whack.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall..

The truth is that everyone (male and female) likes to think that their game is on point and it must be the other person’s fault that this or that isn’t happening. Please have a break and take a look in the mirror.

Have you seen some of those AfricaMagic movies where the girl is bragging about how good her game is and how she is mistress of every style? Styles are great addons, but they are not the first thing about getting an O.

Big O – O Might Be For Olodo

Madam, let’s have a quick exercise. Ask yourself: How easy is it for me to give myself the Big O? 5 minutes? 10 minutes? 30? 60? What are the things you did to achieve it? Did you have any particular thoughts that assisted the process or triggered the O? Note them down and find ways to share these with your boo, so he knows what to do with you. It is team work. It does not depend on him alone. If you are able to give yourself an O without a fair amount of stress, this post is not about you. Here’s a standing ovation for you.

Babe, if you are unable to give yourself an o, there you are. See your life. Talk is cheap. Running your mouth at another person is easy.

If you have never attempted to give yourself an O before, you are disqualified from complaining about anyone else being unable to give you one. You are clueless about how difficult it must be for those men you gripe about. What you need to do is get down to it now. The results might just break your heart. But then, illumination is always a great place to start.

If you have never attempted to give yourself an O before, have failed at giving yourself an O, or have found it a labourious task giving yourself one, you are disqualified from complaining about anyone else being unable to give you one.

If you have tried it and found it to be tough going, you would qualify as a hypocrite if you are among those who go about griping about how men are lousy at it. For you are not the game diva that you suppose yourself to be.

Why expect something of someone else that you are unable to do yourself? If you cannot give yourself an O, who can?

And if you come here talking about how giving yourself an O is a sin, please forget about the Big O in general. After all, there is no divine promise of this big bang in the Bible. As a matter of fact, it doesn’t get a mention at all. What the heck are you complaining about not getting one for?

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