Amina’s Diary (R-18): Running Away

Dear Diary,

That irresponsible thing I did with the boss recently was not very cool. It was as if I was struck with temporary madness. After the whole thing, I had to go see a doctor to get checked and tested. SMH. I should’ve at least had him wear a condom. Thankfully, the doctor gave a clean bill of health, I think I shouldn’t complain much. Except that the good doctor asked me to come back some weeks later to certify my HIV status. Scary.

But what am I gonna do with Mo? Why can’t I get him out of my head or my emotions? What is this obsession with a man that I have met only once? A man that I know next to nothing about apart from his name? What if he’s married? What if he is a psychopath? Sigh. As a rule, I don’t get emotional involved with married men. It’s too messy. But I want Mo. I am in the mood for something sweet and loving, and that one encounter suggests that he is what the doctor ordered. Yeah; I know it is crazy. I had sworn not to fall this way again; right? I guess I am just human. Sigh.

So, here I am sitting in a conference room at a facility in Port Harcourt, waiting to close a deal. To be honest, I also felt like it would be a good getaway away from my mad boss. And from Mo. PH is far away from memories I want to get rid of. But the memories are not letting go. Thoughts of Mo flew with me across hundreds of kilometres. The only thing is, I am resolved not to dwell on my feelings. When did that even start? Feelings. Tonight, I am gonna have good time with my friends, close the deal tomorrow and head back for Abuja and get on with my life as it used to be. Yes; good plan.

I will close this deal and return home strong. The person I’m supposed to meet should show up any moment now. After several emails, conference calls, and Skype chats, we had arrived at an understanding and had fixed this meeting. It was time to meet face to face and have cash exchange hands. In reality, I’m not supposed to be closing a deal anytime soon, but there’s always an exception to the rules, I know. Not even when you’re me.

My head was still buried in my iPad when I heard the soft sound of the single door into the room open. It was the scent that hit me first. I could never forget that fragrance. I jerked my head up and there he was, standing right there with a small army of executives in suits.


I’d be damned.

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