Amina’s Diary (R-18): Running Away 2


A moment after Mo stepped into the room, the aroma of sweetened black licorice wafted to my nostrils and I felt a freshly opened packet of sexiness burst on my thighs. The strong, rooty fragrance quickly generated pots of sweetness on my insides, making me swell in with all excitement any woman can muster. It was enough to send one into conceptual flowers and woods. That scent. Sigh.

Like a syrup of stewed berries, his smell lifted my senses high up to the heavens, based with a sugared vanilla musk, smelling good enough to eat like a fondant on a creamy cake. All I wanted to do is bury my face into his sides and sniff myself to cloud nine. Mo’s smell brought to surface all the energy that had been locked inside me. It was enough to make me drip with lustful thirst. That scent…

And with the scent came images that flooded my head like a torrent. I was in trouble. How on earth could I comport myself when I was already shivering with desire? I knew my panties were moist already as I stood up to exchange greetings. Truthfully, I didn’t know how to react or respond to Mo’s presence in the room. The fact that he stood coolly at a respectable distance as his executives and I exchanged handshakes. That flustered me to no end. An annoyance built up, but I remained calm enough to conduct myself professionally.

After Mo and I politely nodded at one another, we all sat down to business. While myself and his people went through facts and figures, Mo sat there silently, watching, listening, and occasionally asking a few questions. I answered as professionally as I knew how, each minute my anger raising a notch.

Half an hour – which seemed like eternity – later, we signed the deal. I got the cheque and left without a glance at Mo. How could he do this to me? I was fuming. There’s no way in hell Mo could ever convince me he had no hand in this event unfolded event. I was suspicious of the speed at which it all went. Closing a deal in less than two months? A major deal for that matter? Oh, now it was all coming back to me.

So the SOB had my contacts all the while and he didn’t even get in touch? How could he drag me here all the way to Port Harcourt? How dare he even get involved in my business? I don’t care if it was his company or not. I really don’t! I stomped out of the office reeling with anger, my eyes flashing all shades of crimson. I was fuming badly.

Damn! And then, for a moment, I eased up. Why was I getting so worked up over someone I barely even knew? Just because he gave me a mind-blowing orgasm doesn’t mean we are some sort of pals, let alone lovers. “Amina, why are you being like this? Why are you being emotionally involved with Mo?” I scolded myself. Why?

Rubbing my forehead gently and slowly, I pulled myself together. As my calmness returned, so did clarity. I wanted Mo. I wasn’t sure of anything else but this. No point fighting the fact. Maybe what I wanted was to feel him inside my honey pot, sending me into a frenzy. Memories of his tenderness the first time we met had my heart beating for him. I wanted more of that.

In the parking lot, I got into my rental car, and was telling the driver to drive as fast as he could from the building when the car door opened suddenly. I turned in surprise, wondering who it was, my mouth still open and about to speak in protest when Mo slid into the car. He sat without a word and shut the door. The driver checked with me through the mirror and I nodded for him to drive. The drive to the hotel was frozen in uncomfortable silence, a mixture of desire, anger and coldness on my part. I didn’t look at him once through the 20 minute ride, and he pretty much acted like I didn’t exist too.

At the hotel, he kept up with my brisk pace and followed me silently to my room, where I turned at him, my mouth opened to yell and scream obscenities at him. But he was quick, covering my mouth with his big hand before any sound escaped. We were mere inches apart. His eyes locked on mine and held my gaze briefly. Up close with him now, his fragrance titillated my nostrils again. Then, firmly he turned me around, my back squarely on his chest, and my posterior ground into his groin where it was welcomed by his engorged manhood. He wanted me!

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