AFCON 2017 will kick off tomorrow, you guys!

Tomorrow, the Total African Cup of Nations will kick off in Gabon. This is going to be fun for Africans everywhere; except Nigerians, for obvious reasons. Anyway, we have a lot of sweet, sweet action to look forward to from the beginning of the tournament to the end. AFCON has always been an exciting showpiece of African football, but AFCON 2017 will be a total blast.

Every match in AFCON 2017 is expected to be fun; however, I have my eyes on some fixtures that would grab all the headlines. That’s one thing we love in Africa; those exciting games that will get your blood racing. I think we are in for a treat, because the teams that made it to AFCON 2017 look like they mean business. Therefore, I expect the following matches to be hot stuff:

Gabon vs Guinea-Bissau: Well, Gabon does not have the two-time African Player of the Year in their ranks for nothing. If anything, I kind of feel sorry for Guinea-Bissau before their encounter. However, they made it to AFCON 2017, while Nigeria did not. I wouldn’t underestimate them.

Tunisia vs Senegal: This match will be hot, I tell you. Think about it, is it possible to have Sadio Mane in a match and not be excited? Come on, guys. We have cheered the dude on in Liverpool; now he’s going to run some defenders into the ground. Therefore, expect loads of excitement!

Cote d’Ivoire vs Togo: Ah, yes, two of the absolute giants of African football lock horns on Monday. I don’t know how this match is going to end without some electrifying football. I’ll certainly look forward to it with glee.

Algeria vs Tunisia: This clash of the North African kings. Riyad Mahrez, the reigning African Player of the Year, has set his sights on the AFCON trophy. Will Tunisia stop him? We’ll have to watch and see.

Senegal vs Algeria: SADIO MANE VS RIYAD MAHREZ!!!

Yes, AFCON 2017 will be lots of fun. However, I must add word of caution. Nigeria is not participating; therefore, there is no need to get too worked up about it. Also, we still hve the World Cup qualifiers to look forward to. But still, if you miss it, you lose.

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