A smartphone for my child? Nah; thanks!

Ruth and Son 340

This morning my sweet, loving son branded me an “old school mum.” Considering I’m slightly over 20 years older than him, that made me laugh hilariously. My offence? I refused to give him a smartphone. I mean, he’s only 10! Given that he has been requesting for an internet-enabled smartphone since he was nine, he finally got full of it and branded me an old school mother. I guess I am one of those mothers who find it unsettling to thrust their kids into the wild. Am I being overly protective? Maybe. But at 10, I don’t see a reason why my kid should have a smartphone, let alone use one.

We got talking a little while after he’d calmed down and I asked him what his obsession with a smartphone was. He explained to me that his friends have them. One boy in his class has an iPad and a Facebook account. He explains that it’s a little weird that he doesn’t have one. While I was trying to come up with a good response to this, he asked if there was a way I could install a parental control app on the phone and give it to him.

Since I am not techy, I answered honestly. I don’t know. And I proceeded to say even if there were anything like that, I still wouldn’t give him a smartphone.

Do I trust my kid to do the right thing on the Internet space? Absolutely. It’s the other guys on the other end that I don’t trust. Plus, for a very curious kid as he is, and very open minded, well… Plus, these things are addictive. As a parent, I try to exercise a great deal of control to stay off the internet when I’m home. Imagine a younger person having to carry that burden. I have seen how deep he is into his games (which I worry may soon become addictive so I am devising a way to curbing that). I am not about to add a smartphone issues to that.

Do you agree with my kid that I am an old school mum? I’d sure like to hear from you.


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