5 must-have gadgets for new parents

Mama may know best, but technology surely knows better. Tech may feel inescapable, but there is a measure of reassurance in it taking care of our needs, especially when there is a new child and you need all the help you can get.

A new-born baby changes everything about how you live. Your home suddenly transforms from a quite love-nest to a den full of things such as prams and toys and different baby products. You have a tough time knowing exactly what you need for your baby and what will benefit them the most.

There are a plethora of gadgets and gear that helps parents prepare themselves towards handling those infant years with ease, and seeing as choosing which device will be of more use to you can be difficult, Here are 5 nifty tech gadgets that will make life for moms and dads much easier.
MamRoo Swing
All baby’s cry, some more than the others and it is not all the time that a parent can carry the baby to rock him to sleep or just ease his discomfort. The MamaRoo Swing which can also serve as a bouncy chair solves the problem. It is perfect for soothing the baby and most times ending them right to sleep.
Medela Swing Single Electric Breast Pump
Every nursing mother in this age needs a breast pump as most people now frown at mother’s who breastfeed in public. The Medela Swine single electric breast pump is a two-phase expression technology that mimics your baby’s feeding pattern and still performs the traditional function of every breast pump; which is to make it easy for mothers to feed their children with breastmilk even when they do not have the time and privacy to nurse.
Pacifier Thermometer
Two-in-one gadgets are just the best as they are not only handy, they save time and money. Most babies tend to kick up a fuss while their temperatures are being checked as the normal procedure would involve getting him undressed and removing the diapers. The Pacifier Thermometer serves as the perfect antidote to taking baby’s temperature “the old fashioned way.” It is built to function as a pacifier, and so, it records the baby’s temperature as the baby sucks on it. It is a great way to see if baby has a fever at any time as it minimally disrupts sleep as well.
Baby cam
Video Baby Monitor (with Internet Viewing)
The importance of keeping a close eye on a baby cannot be overemphasized. Gone are the days when the audio monitors were just good enough. Toddlers are smarter these days as there are some who pretend to be sleeping but climb all over things the minute the parent leaves the room. The Video baby monitor does not only provide audio but visuals as well with the option of internet viewing, that way you can even watch the child via the internet even outside the home. This gadget is particular perfect for nervous parents.
Baby shusher
Baby Shusher
Every parents’ dream is have the powers to keep their baby from crying and the baby shusher makes that dream come true. When all tricks fail and the baby is inconsolable, the Baby Shusher, a clever device that produces a soft noise which mimics the rhythmic sounds of the womb, saves the day. The machine triggers your baby’s natural calming reflex, helping to stop him from crying. It is the perfect solution!

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