Xenophobic attacks increase in SA, N8.4bn found in unmarked account, and more stories

Xenophobic attacks escalate in South Africa

Xenophobic attacks in South Africa has reached a heartbreaking level. According to reports by the police, 20 shops belonging to immigrants got looted yesterday. However, they could not confirm if the attacks were targeted at foreigners. Well, fool me once – South Africans have made it clear on several occasions that foreigners are stealing their jobs and taking all their money. This is not the first time such attacks have happened. Furthermore, a Nigerian automobile mechanic recently lost N240.65 million to these xenophobic attacks. What do we do, folks? This is not cool at all.

Stop calling Nigeria “Naija”, says NOA

There are a lot of things not going the way we would have preferred in Nigeria. For example, our president is sick. Elsewhere, a terrorist group is holding parts of the country hostage. However, the National Orientation Agency has appealed to Nigerians to stop calling the country “Naija”. Well, he has a pretty valid reason, however; he said that if we keep calling this beloved country by its beloved pet name, future generations of Nigerians would not remember the true name of the country. I’m glad to see that some people in the government have their priorities straight.

N8.4 billion found in an unidentified account

Guys, the EFCC found an account that has N8.4 billion in an unidentified bank account. A whistleblower exposed it; apparently, someone used this account to carry out money-laundering. The account had no signatories, however, so the perpetrators might never be found. However, a certain telecom company has come to claim the money. Meanwhile, let’s just keep our fingers crossed; I’m sure this will be big in a few days’ time.

Couple filmed having sex on a moving bike

Quick, what’s the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done? I know that would be “jumping from a moving bus” for some people. However, have you had sex on a bike before? If you haven’t, you should not try it. There is a video making the rounds on the internet, which shows a couple riding each other while riding a bike. As exciting as that sounds, I must warn he daredevils that just stated looking for a bike to have hot sex on: do not try this. The police are currently searching for these thrill-seekers.

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