World Cup Qualifiers: Nigeria beats Algeria; Ghana loses

Hello everyone, welcome to yet another exciting week. Yeah, guys, we are halfway into the international break. There have been some exemplary games in the World Cup Qualifiers, and of course there have been goals. Let us take a look at the World Cup Qualifiers games that went down in Africa last week, shall we?

First of all, i want to congratulate the Super Eagles of Nigeria on their 3-1 victory over Algeria. Things are looking better and better for us now. This is the third match in a row that Gernot Rohr’s boys have won, and they are top of Group B in the World Cup Qualifying stage. Pretty impressive, if you ask me, considering that the last time Nigeria won three games in a row was 2013. With the way the Eagles played on Saturday, I do not see us missing out on Russia 2018. Good work, Eagles!

That’s one country out of West Africa that is doing fine at the moment. Ghana, on the other hand, have a lot of work to do if they are to make it through the World Cup Qualifiers. They lost to Egypt yesterday. I must say some things in their defence, though. Ghana played some really beautiful football against Egypt; they always play such, but yesterday was an eye-opener. However, great football does not mean anything if you lose.

South Africa made their way to a 2-1 victory over Senegal through an unfair penalty. The Senegal defender was adjudged to have handled the ball in the penalty area. However, video replays showed that his hands were nowhere near the ball; it was just some unfortunate positioning. Anyway, South Africa got the penalty, and this helped them defeat a totally dominant Senegal. That was not fair at all.

The biggest surprise, however (to me at least), is Uganda. They beat Congo DR 1-0, in a contest tht everyone really thought would swing the other way. Well, when I say “everyone” I mean “me”. Anyway, my o]point is, I never expected Uganda to win. This shows that the East African ountries are catchingup to the West and North in terms of football prowess. Who knows, maybe thes World Cup Qualifiers is a good thing for them; it looks like they’re up and running (get it? Running? Hahaha).

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