Where are the men who are terrified of smart women?

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Almost everywhere one turns, one keeps running into women saying that men are terrified of smart women. I know that as a self-professed ladies man and all that, I usually am on the women’s side. But this global fashion of demonising men and attempting to reduce them to less than intelligent beings is horrible and needs to be addressed. It is bollocks.

All around me, I see men who love smart ladies and who can’t even bear to date a lady who is unintelligent. To them, a lady who cannot hold her end of a conversation and who has little in her head is a no-no. I keep looking for these men who are terrified of smart ladies. Oh; I have run into a few who just want a woman for the bed and kitchen, but for the most part, the men I see believe that the smarter the woman, the better. I have known and interacted with smart ladies all my life. I even married one.

It is shitty attitudes – like this one in which women run their mouths without a leash – that result in some of those nasty situations that make men walk away from their women to look for someone else. Perhaps these eternally complaining women need to put a leash on their tongue a bit and look around – and they will find that they are surrounded by men who think that being brainy is the best thing since Eve.

Men, terrified? Of smart women? Like a smart woman is Medusa or what? A dull woman is a liability. What right-thinking man wants a dull woman? But here is the deal: a man will almost always forego the company of a smart woman with an attitude for that of a duller (AND UGLIER) woman with less drama. Lose the drama, please.

I think that these ladies have come up with this nonsense for a number of reasons:

  • it makes them feel good to think that their being smart is what the problem is. I just wonder how smart they are if they keep ending up in wrecked relationships as many of them do. Not that its always only their fault though. Still…
  • some have cooked up this silly saying to avoid taking responsibility for their shitty behaviour. But being smart will never make up for being saucy. Quote me on that. Don’t hurt your men with your tongues and attitudes, and then feign surprise when those men pull a stunt on you. No-one can help you with that.
  • or a 3rd option, bordering on the first above: perhaps some women who hold this odd notion that men are terrified of smart women have been hanging with the wrong people, which places a question mark on how smart they really are. Bite me.

Men are terrified of smart women. Men cannot handle successful women. Men are dogs. Men are animals. Yada, yada, yada. Please, sock it.


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