When Nigerian brands tell you they have no budget

Sisi Yemmie has published a humourous take titled 17 scenarios that are too real for Nigerian bloggers. It is a piece that I enjoyed reading as it touched on issues that I am well too familiar with as someone who has been in charge of a number of blogs, including Mobility Arena, CPAfrica and House Of Mo.

If you are a blogger, when a Nigerian brand approaches you for a service and you are told that they have no budget, what they mean is that they have a budget that does not include bloggers. You see, they have a budget for staff salaries, transport, the venue, the MC, the ushers, decoration, TV, etc. They just conveniently left out a budget for you, the blogger.

One word: bullshit. This should be your response:

no budget

Business, Not Charity

If you are a blogger that is serious about developing the blogging industry, you will politely decline. After all, you run a business (just like they do), not a charity.

Item number 16 on Sisi Yemmie’s list reads:

When you respond to an advert enquiry and they want to pay N5,000 instead of the N20, 000 you quoted.

It reminds me of one incidence last year when a lady from an agency called to ask about sponsored posts on Mobility Arena. We gave her the figure. She wanted a lower fee, so we offered a much lower figure if she would do multiple posts. She said was paying N5,000 per post and went on rudely about how “other blogs” were there to take the job if we wouldn’t. Of course, we wouldn’t take N5,000 per post. She ranted and raked before ending the call.

Learn To Laugh

It was quite a hilarious affair at our end. That thing about laughter being the best therapy applies. You have to laugh about these things to avoid having a stroke from the anger that sometimes bubbles inside like a volcano waiting to erupt.

Principle, Not Fight

This matter is not fight. It is simple principle. When a brand approaches a blogger, they are not doing him a favour. They see how they can benefit from the blogger. No corporate brand approaches anyone that is not in a position to offer them value. Brands should be ready to pay what is due for the value they want. They pay everyone else. Bloggers deserve to be paid too. No budget; no talk.

Shout Out To Great Brands!

Lastly, and very importantly, one must not end this piece without appreciating those outstanding brands and agencies that ask for bloggers for an invoice and pay up as due. Such brands are the best. The very best. We are only too delighted to serve you.

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