When Android Marshmallow runs on the Microsoft Lumia 525

Once in a while, we get to see that miracle act from a geek. The Microsoft Lumia 525 is one budget phone running Windows Phone 8 (updateable to Windows Phone 8.1). This XDA developer (with username: banmeifyouwant) was able to free the phone from shackles of abandoned Microsoft unto greener pastures – Android.


This guy was able to install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on the phone based on CyanogenMod 13 ROM. The ROM is still unstable though. Features like WiFi, Modem, and the Touchscreen don’t work as expected, but hopefully the developer will fix the bugs in the near future.

Here’s a video of the thing in action:

It seems the software can also be modified to work on other similar Microsoft phone models. Big kudos to this guy for working this out. Who know someday, I will be flashing Android on a Microsoft phone.

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