What have Ajinomoto and MOBILITY.ng got in common?

Ajinomoto is a popular food seasoning brand. Did you know that it is a Japanese brand? You did? Awww, shucks! Anyway, you came here to find out what Ajinomoto and MOBILITY.ng have got in common. Answer: A mobilista who goes by the name (or nickname) Endi. He sent in the following mail last night:

Dear Yomi,

Wetin you dey put for your site sef, oga? Ajinomoto? I’ve spent close to 4 hours swimming around Mobility.ng after missing a month of your writing due to work offshore… and I’m not done yet. That’s a new record.

Thank God for RSS. At least, I’ve been trying to cover lost ground, even if it’s taking time. I’ve been a fan for more than 3 years; reading more than 95% of everything you’ve written in that while. This is just to say, keep doing what you do, good man.


Everyone loves a compliment, and I am no exception. It is good to get feedback from MOBILITY.ng regulars and casual readers alike. Thanks, Endi. Yes; I do use Ajinomoto. And Onga. And Knorr. And… oh; you get the picture! We run MOBILITY because everyone uses mobile technology everyday. Do keep reading. God keep you and bless your hustle as you go about your job too.

If MOBILITY.ng is new to you, you can find out about Africa’s leading mobile technology blog here. Yes; even if I say so myself. 6 years, 3,300 useful, engaging articles, 60,000 comments, all local content, and a global reach is not beans. Have a lovely day, people. Toodles!

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