Wenger is stingy, Arsenal is rich; both are trophyless

There are certain Arsenal fans out there who can look at Arsene Wenger with pride and joy; he has been at the helm of the Gunners for twenty years. He is the longest-serving manager in the league. He is everything that Arsenal ever wanted. Am I right?
Actually, I have no idea what I’m talking about. Arsene Wenger has shown himself to be one of the most parsimonious people in the world, even though he makes the club a lot of money. Arsenal FC is currently one of the richest clubs in the world,and yet measly things like 75 million euros scare our beloved Wenger like an army of bees. I’m not sure this is exactly what Arsenal fans want. The money is not a problem, obviously; Arsenal have the capacity to be an English version of Barcelona or Real Madrid, and if they play their cards right, that very concept could bring far more cash. Real Madrid is the richest football club in the world because of that very idea: sign the best players in the world one after the other. This is because these players have huge marketing value; think of how much money Madrid have made off David Beckham. Manchester United are on to something; they bought Paul Pogba for 120 million, and I see them making back that money before the end of the season. Clever, isn’t it?
Even though such deals sometimes fall short and the player fails to live up to expectation, they still make loads of moolah from them. So why will Arsene Wenger, who has made so much cash for the club, decline to make this kind of business happen for Arsenal? Even if these very players they sign will actually help them win the trophies they desperately need; no one in his right mind will not bring out 50 million euros to sign a world-class defender who can make them 70 million euros over the duration of his career and help them keep clean sheets and win the league. I personally would jump at it. This kind of stinginess displayed by Arsene Wenger is exactly why Arsenal had not won the Premier League since 2004; everyone else has left them behind.
Thank goodness, this is the last year on his contract; I pray he renews it, and I wish him success in coming years. . .just kidding. If he will continue to be ham-fisted with so much cash at his disposal and watch Arsenal crumble while other clubs move forward, then Arsenal should just have a printer malfunction on the day they would want to renew his contract. Then let them offer him to Warri Wolves on a free transfer. Then they should go beg Guardiola to leave Man City and join them.

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