Football: The weekend was full of rude shocks, goals and surprises!

What a weekend, guys. everything that happened during the weekend was a topic worthy of serious discussion. Some of these things we saw coming; others were rude shocks. For example, did any of you guys expect Arsenal to beat Chelsea last weekend? That’s one thing I knew would happen, even as Arsenal beat them in the first game. In fact, when Arsenal won that match, alarm bells went off in my head. “There’ll be hell to pay!” I thought. Well, Chelsea had their revenge. And boy, was it a sweet one.

Speaking of rude shocks, what else would you call Liverpool’s loss to Hull City? some other teams, in other conditions and all other factors being equal, would say that Liverpool would bounce back from this. However, this is the third match in a row that Liverpool have lost. They just gave Hull City something to brag about. Not that Hull City did not try; in fact, I think they totally deserved the win over Liverpool. But then, I wouldn’t call it one of the rude shocks if Liverpool had won, would I?

Liverpool have a lot of soul-searching to do. As a matter of fact, so do AC Milan. The Italian giants are a complete shdow of their old selves; I was hoping that this season they would get better. In fact, they actually began to get better; the first half of the season saw them reach a precarious top spot, if only briefly. However, they failed to keep hat spot. Now they are struggling to win matches. That’s just bad. However, their most damning defeat came at the hands of Sampdoria during the weekend. 1-0 it ended, and Milan, with all their attacking talent and flair for late goals, just watched this one go by. Clarence Seedorf didn’t die for this, guys. They have to sit up, and they have to do that quickly. Even Inter Milan is rapidly gaining ground.

However, the rudest of the rude shocks this season goes to Leicester City. We all watched them win the title last season, when all the other teams inexplicably went to sleep. Nobody expected them to win it this season; however, we did expect them to at least stay in the mid-table region. No one expected them to be battling relegation now. That’s just surprising.

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