News Flash: We are selling off House Of Mo

You read that right: after 3 years, 1,265 Posts and 1,326 Comments, we are selling off my personal playground and general digital media experiment, House Of Mo.

Following The Money

Why? Running House of Mo has been fun, but it hasn’t generated sustainable returns, financially. We have looked at the resources we put into it and what the site sucks out of us. The verdict is that it isn’t worth keeping. It is time for us to narrow down our focus on our most viable platforms. We are following the money.


We have had one or two offers from people who were interested in buying HOM in the past. So, we are contacting them again. We are also throwing it open here so you can get to us if you think you can make something out of it. You can buy just the domain name or you can buy both the domain name and content. If interested in taking the site off us, please call 07057175171 or email business AT

And if no-one buys it before 2nd of May 2017 when it is due to expire, House Of Mo shall go away quietly. Just like that. We shall watch it sink beneath the calm blue waves of the ocean with the sun low over the horizon.


We thank our 1,923 unique daily viewers, and more especially those of you who took time to post comments. You rock. It was fun while it lasted. This is the last post from us here. Let’s have your farewell comments here and go out with a bang! Group hug, people!

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News Flash: We are selling off House Of Mo

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One thought on “News Flash: We are selling off House Of Mo

  1. I am getting personal comments on all sides. This farewell post is generating controversy – which is what HOM was all about. So, it is cool to go out with a bang.

    It still doesn’t make it a profitable platform for us though. We are focusing our resources on Mobility Arena and Celebrating Progress Africa going forward. Those two sites are doing very well. Call it laser focus.

    Don’t be too offended. I appreciate the concern on all sides. But this is a business decision devoid of sentiments.

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