WCQ South America: Argentina beaten without Messi

Yesterday, there was some more action in the World Cup qualifying matches. South American teams did what they are known to do; entertain. Let’s take a look at some of the results from yesterday’s games (okay, all of the games):

  1. Paraguay 1-0 Argentina: Once again, the Argentine squad played without Lionel Messi. They did their best. It was not enough. Sorry to say this, guys, but without Messi, you suck. However, there were some promising signs from this WCQ match. Namely, Sergio Aguero missed a penalty- oh, wait. That’s not a pretty sight. Unbelievable, considering his affinity for scoring all the goals. What a shame.
  2. Brazil 2-0 Venezuela: The Samba Boys played without Neymar this time around, just like their Argentine neighbors played without Messi. However, the results were as different from each other as I am from Neymar’s sister. That’s a lot of difference, because I have never met her. However, I wouldn’t mind though. . . Anyway, Brazil won 2-0, and proved that no Neymar, no problem.
  3. Colombia 2-2 Uruguay: Luis Suarez was the only member of the MSN gang to play yesterday. Guess what he did. Yes, that’s right; he scored. Well, if there’s anything Luis Suarez is known for doing, it is scoring goals by the dozen. Too bad he could not win this match for his country, however. He has equaled the record for the most goals in a WCQ campaign in South America, by the way. Also, James Rodriguez did not feature in this match. Apparently, some dude wants him dead, along with the rest of his family. Better safe that sorry then, eh, James? Stay in Madrid? Cool.
  4. Ecuador 2-2 Bolivia: What’s it with all these 2-2 draws in the WCQ? This is the second one on this list, and it involves another popular striker. Enner Valencia equalized for Ecuador in stoppage time to rescue a point. Well, he might be a terrible father, but he certainly isn’t a terrible striker.
  5. Chile 2-1 Peru: Ah, relief! This was not a 2-2 draw. However, it was not a very interesting match. Arturo Vidal scored all the goals for Chile. I cannot begin to express how boring that is. Maybe their next WCQ match will bring more goals (looking at you, Sanchez). Lets wait and find out. Stay tuned.

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