Watch this Oyinbo man dance Fuji flawlessly

Fuji is a popular musical genre among the Yoruba in the south west region of Nigeria. Traditionally, oyinbo people are clumsy trying to dance to our music. The dance steps to Juju, Fuji, Apala and the like are not exactly what they are used to.

We have seen lots of oyinbo people give it a shot, but not till now have we seen one who even came close to dancing to any of our local music as flawlessly as this gentleman is rocking it here:

Now, that is one confident, acculturated oyinbo!

Glosarry: oyinbo = white man

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One thought on “Watch this Oyinbo man dance Fuji flawlessly

  1. It bothers me when people get fixated by an oyinbo speaking pidgin or in this case “dance Fuji flawlessly”.

    Seriously in the 21st century, are we amazed by a black person dancing the Foxtrot or gaining nationality abroad? Why are we fascinated by these things in Nigeria? I tire.

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