UEFA Champions League Week 2: Last night’s big surprises

Last night, the UEFA Champions League continued. There were some more exciting games for Week 2. Also, there were quite a number of surprises. I could not believe my eyes, for example, when. . .

  1. Celtic forced Manchester City to a 3-3 draw: Of all the things to expect I a match involving Pep Guardiola, a draw is the least likely to happen. To make things more interesting, this particular draw came against Celtic, a team that lost 7-0 to Barcelona last time out. This means, therefore, that Manchester City’s winning streak in all competitions has ended. It does not mean, however, that their momentum is going to stop. Next stop, Barcelona.
  2. Atletico Madrid beat Bayern Munich. Again: Yes, this one totally happened. Bayern too were on a roll; they too had an unbeaten streak that stretched to their last Champions League match. And they got beaten by the same team that beat them then. Honestly, I’m beginning to think that the only team that can stop Atletico Madrid this time around will be themselves. That is, if they start to play stupid football and lose their style. That, my friends, is not likely to happen. Draw your own conclusions, people.

These were the results I did not expect. For the rest of the matches, however, I totally saw it coming. The only way I could have been any more right about the following results is if I had played in the matches myself. For example . . .

  1. Arsenal beat Basel 2-0: Nothing out of the ordinary here. I knew that this match was going to favor the Gunners. Since they beat Chelsea in their last match, I believed that Basel wouldn’t be much of a problem. Again, Theo Walcott surprised me. That was the only surprise.
  2. Napoli thrashed Benefica 4-2: Well, I admit, I was a bit surprised at the scoreline here. I was expecting a 2-1 or 1-0 score. Anyway, the point is, the Italians won. That was my bet.
  3. PSG humiliated Ludogorets 3-1: No surprises there at all. There has to be at least one alternate reality where PSG lost this match, but this wasn’t it.
  4. Barcelona 2-1 Monchengladbach: Okay, here’s another surprise. I was expecting Barca to whoop Gladbach’s ass in the glorious fashion that Man City showed us. I wasn’t expecting them to come from behind and fight for a paltry 2-1 win. Well, these things tend to happen.
  5. Both PSV-Rostov and Besiktas-Dynamo Kyiv were draws. I was not expecting any of these matches to produce any particular result. Therefore, the 2-2 and 1-1 results were just as well.

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