UCL 2016/2017 Matchday 3: Big results

Once again, the UEFA Champions League brings us loads f excitement. Last night, the first games of Matchday 3 took center stage. Once again, the favorites proved to us why they are favorites. I’m talking about Real Madrid, Borussia Dortmund and Leicester City. These guys were amazing last night.

There are certain aspects of the games last night that I wondered about. Let us wonder about them together:

  1. Real Madrid 5-1 Legia Warsaw: When was Madrid ever not going to win that fixture? Its really funny thinking about it, but at least one person in the world bet against Madrid on Matchday 3. Why, though? It’s simply because they have had a poor run of form. Until last weekend, they had a run of four consecutive draws. Therefore, the odds that this would be another draw were high. Well, if you bet on Madrid playing a draw with Legia Warsaw, I’m sorry for you. Maybe try not betting at all next time? Maybe use the money to buy me a drink? One more thing: when was the last time Real Madrid won 5-1 without Ronaldo scoring?
  2. Borussia Dortmund 2-1 Sporting CP: The dudes in yellow did a fine job last night. They raced to a 2-goal lead against Ronaldo’s boyhood club, and survived a scare to win he match. Once again, P.E. Aubameyang pulled the strings, alongside Mario Gotze. Now, where have these performances been recently? Dortmund have been on a similar run of poor form as Real Madrid; last night was their first win in over a month. Perhaps these two clubs share more than a healthy rivalry with Bayern Munich?
  3. Leicester City 1-0 Copenhagen: The English Champions continue to impress in the Champions League. Though Matchday 3 was not the most goal-filled day for City, they did show determination and inner strength. These are the same dudes that lost 3-0 to Chelsea last weekend. Here they are, however, triumphing in Europe. Isn’t that just dandy?

I’m looking forward to more of the same kind of awesomeness tonight. How about you?

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