Tyler Perry is going to be a father with his Baby Mama

Tyler Perry

Popular American actor, director, screenwriter, playwright, producer, author, and songwriter, specializing in the gospel genre, Tyler Perry, is going to be a father. Perry has been quoted as saying, ‘I will do it the traditional way’. Well, he didn’t. He is having this baby with his girlfriend. Of course, there is a wide range of reactions, both friendly and not so friendly.

One commentator had this to say:

…a more modern version is that normally, you do not touch or impregnate a girl…until you meet her father and have put a ring on it. Many people have succeeded at this, so it is not rocket science. Only Perry and a few of us others failed.

BUT ……waaaaaaait….not too fast… Perry has achieved so muuuuch even with his frailties as thy were.

So, Perry did not do it the traditional way. It shows he’s not perfect. He has deep flaws like you and I. But along his personal struggles, he’s done marvelous in his field.

Congratulations, Perry! Enjoy fatherhood!!!!!!!!!!!!

And another, this:

He will be forgiven by the church. He is Tyler Perry after all. We know how the church makes rules and makes exceptions for the rich and famous.

Interesting perspectives. Yes; Tyler’s larger than life image will make this interesting discussion for many. The 45-year old star and his 28-years old girlfriend are expecting their baby in about two months’ time, as she is reported to be 7 months pregnant already.

We wish Mr. Perry the best of fatherhood.

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