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The words “thought” and “taught” often get mixed up in written English. Today, we have a look at the differences between them:

  • Thought – the past tense of think.
    Example: I thought you wanted us to spend time together tonight.
  • Taught – the past tense of teach.
    Example: I taught him maths in our final year.

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2 thoughts on “Thought versus Taught – #UseOfEnglish

  1. Errors of homonyms like this can happen to the best of us.

    Sometimes, it is not really a case of not knowing the difference between similarly sounding words, but rather not paying attention, or a lapse in concentration. Or, some medical condition.

    Just as punctiliousness is necessary in good grammar usage, so it is in avoiding errors of homonyms. like the above..

    Thank you!

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