The Weeknd: All about a life with no worries

Let me take a break from football.

Instead, I’m going to talk about one of my favorite musicians. The dude is popularly known as The Weeknd. Most people I know have never heard of The Weeknd, but he’s a big deal overseas. He has African heritage, though you wouldn’t know it if no one told you. His real name is Abel Makkonen Tesfaye, and he was born in Canada to Ethiopian parents.

Now, I would have liked to describe his type of music, but that’s not my thing. I don’t really know the difference between genres of music. I really have no idea what the difference between RnB and Pop is. Don’t get any funny ideas. I do know the difference between Christian music and hardcore rap. I just can’t tell what kind of music Justin Bieber makes. That’s, erm, RnPop, I guess? I’m not good at this.

Anyway, I listen to songs based on how they make me feel. And man, this dude gets me in the feels all the time. The Weeknd sings mostly about a carefree lifestyle. You know, partying, drugs, getting high, all that stuff that you wouldn’t dare say in a civilized place, yet you secretly wish you could.

He has this sad, plaintive falsetto that makes you want to give him a bear hug. His vocal range kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson. In fact, TheWeeknd lists MJ as one of his greatest inspirations. His songs also have these unusual, unconventional beats, which enhance the psychedelic feel of his tracks.

the weeknd

However, his lyrics are anything but normal. Most artistes nowadays just sing about booty. The Weeknd doesn’t care for that. He frequently tells us that he isn’t a role model, mostly. He’s not the good kid everyone wants him to be. He just wants to get high. Also, the ladies keep throwing themselves at him, and he doesn’t have any plans for them. He sounds like a huge flake, doesn’t he?

One of the things I like about The Weeknd is his style. The Weeknd used to have a huge pile of hair on his head. That was his signature feature. However, he has cut that off. Now he just keeps it a bit long and tidy. This signifies that he is a bit more mainstream now, like the songs in his new album “Starboy”. However, the feeling in his songs has not changed; there’s still the element of a carefree, pleasure-seeking thrill junkie. This is why the majority of his fans are dudes in their 20s. Basically, he’s living the life that they cannot have.

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