The silliness of saying “Don’t judge”

Don't Judge?

I ran into a series of tweets by Punthief that captured my thoughts exactly on the “Don’t Judge” movement. Have a look:

This “Don’t judge” thing we say is so funny. We judge others everyday. Maybe not with words, but we do.

Every gaddem day. When you look at your gate man whose salary is N20k per month and his 2nd wife is about to give birth to her 5th child, you judge.

When you walk behind a Mohawk dude sagging jeans showing dirty boxers, you judge.

When someone posts a tweet you consider stupid on twitter, you judge.

But hey..

Excellent points, in my opinion.

Usually, “don’t judge” is pulled out of the context in which Jesus used it and thrown around anyhow we want it. If you have your Bible, do check the next thing Jesus said after “don’t judge”. Last time I checked, it was something like, “Be a fair judge”, which more or less means not to judge without having all the facts to the issue at hand. He also talked about not judging hypocritically. Sort of like one thief calling another person a thief.

Both of these issues would disqualify a lot of people from judging, for sure. But Jesus saying “Don’t judge” wasn’t an isolated command not to judge.

But hey…

Thanks, @Punthief, for the insightful tweets!

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One thought on “The silliness of saying “Don’t judge”

  1. …(( Judge NOT, So That Ye May not be Judged ))..

    Can’t Remember Where I Said This,.. ‘by All Means, Judge, Because You Will Be Judged.. Eventually’

    It Is Also Like Drawing Literal Inspiration From ‘Vengeance Is Mine’.

    Lessons Often Need To Be Taught To Serve As A Deterrent To Future Misbehavior… And That Could Take The Shape Of Vengeance.

    “Be A Fair Judge”, Which More Or Less Means Not To Judge Without Having All The Facts To The Issue At Hand.

    It Would Be Superhuman To Have All The Facts At Hand. So, You Probably Have To Judge Based On The Facts Available To You – Judge Dredd.

    Being Able To Judge Fairly Could Also Be Impossible, Unless You Are A Disinterested Or Dispassionate Third Party.

    If What You Are Judging Involves You Personally, Subjectivity Would Come In And Could Impair Your Sound Judgement. .

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