The palaver of being a beautiful chick

I have never seen that day when I will travel and just be left alone. By men, that is. But it has never happened. Never. The men don’t just seem to get the “Do not disturb” sign.

Back then, I used to get annoyed at the intrusion into my personal space, but I have come to accept the male advances as part of my life now. I guess if I hadn’t, I would have just relieved the bulky man beside me right now of his big head. But the chat turned out interesting eventually though. I learnt a few things about how men’s mind work.


My new Hulk Hogan friend, shall we name him Kunle, who started the conversation with “You’re so beautiful” by the way, tells me beauty is just the first step of attraction. Like I didn’t know that already. *rolls eyes*

Seeing that I was unimpressed, he said “But a lady as beautiful and intelligent as you is a powerful combination one can hardly resist.”


The dude obviously didn’t get the memo. You start a conversation with a simple “Hi”. Then you take if off from there, if the babe were to be interested. If she wasn’t, you chin up and face your business.

But hey.

So, here’s what I learnt. Not every guy that says “Hi” wants to get in your panties. Get over yourself.

Men are DELIBERATELY stupid. Like this chic is so pretty I’d like to hangout with her. And then she opens her mouth and voila, she’s not that deep. What does the dude do? He goes into catching the monkey mode.

Variety keeps his attention. And ah, yes, they do LOOOOVEEE to hunt. So do give them a good chase.


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