The international break has begun! Hooray!

News flash, everyone! Okay, just kidding. There’s nothing new to report today. We al know that the international break has started. All the teams have selected their squads, and everyone is waiting for the kickoff of the World Cup qualifiers. There are some things, however, that I need to bring to our attention. Namely, some of the things we should expect during this international break. Guys, don’t be surprised to see that:

  1. Spain will be playing without Iker Casillas. This time, he’s not on the bench at all. Spain’s most capped player has been left out of the squad altogether. Well, that was going to happen one day. Ever since Iker Casillas fell out of favor with Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid and subsequently lost form, he has been playing less and less for Spain. Now, they left him out altogether. I think this is a good time to retire, Iker. Don’t stress yourself about it. Just go.
  2. Match of the day will be Spain vs Italy. It’s been a while since these two sides met. I mean, that’s what Spanish supporters would like to believe. The last time both sides met, Spain got beaten. That was at Euro 2016. However, this is a fresh opportunity to correct that mistake. For Spain, that is. For Italy, this is just another opportunity to humiliate La Furia Roja. No predictions on who will win, though. That’s none of my business. International break business sorts itself out.
  3. Some more on Spain vs Italy. Iker Casillas will not play against Italy. Gianluigi Buffon has said that it looks strange to see Spain without Casillas. I think he should be more worried about those that will be on the pitch. Diego Costa, for example. Man, that guy has no end of admirers. Someone just came out to acknowledge his extreme measures while on the field. Former Atletico Madrid teammate Sinama Pongolle made the statement. Diego Costa is a funny guy off the pitch, he says. During the game, however, things are different. He’s always angry. Well, a bit of anger would do this time, Diego. This international break should be interesting. . .

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