The curse of knowledge

Recently, I came across a term, “curse of knowledge”, and guys, it is totally a thing. Remember those awful days in class where your lecturer or teacher knows his subject to the core, yet is absolute rubbish when it comes to teaching it? Yep, that’s the curse of knowledge. This weirdly named phenomenon is described as a situation where an individual is unable to ignore the knowledge they have that others do not have. In situations like this, you might look at the individual like he is showing off his knowledge. It appears like he knows it all, and he cannot understand why you do not know what he knows.


Have you had one of those experiences in class where a lecturer just comes to class and assumes that all his students are smart? This lecturer would just be there to dictate notes; he would not bother explaining, or if he does, it would sound like a cow speaking English through a microphone. These lecturers would then set the impossible questions, and really believe they taught you. Meanwhile you, the befuddled student, would curse him to the skies for being such an asshole.

This scenario is surprisingly common in Nigerian schools, where most of the lecturers in higher institutions appear to be great at their courses, but shitty at passing knowledge. Personal experience has shown me that sometimes, you can actually learn more from your own search for information than from some lecturers. It is not because they do not know anything; they actually know far more than you can ever find out on your own. But they just do not know how to put themselves in your shoes, and therefore they cannot tell if you understand or not.

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