The church will always be a disliked and misunderstood minority

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I am amused every time someone asks how the church failed to grow so big and strong as to change society or become the driving force behind. It is troubling when someone says the church has failed because society isn’t falling in line with the beliefs of the saints.

Of course, it must be worrying to Christians in a country like Nigeria where there are churches on every street (if not in every building), yet with nothing to show for it by way of lifestyle changes. It is either they are right that the church has failed (and that’s contrary to what Jesus said, so I am unable to accept that), or that much of what we refer to as the church is in reality not the church. But that is another argument for another day.

From the beginning, the church was a minority in society, despised by society, generally seen as misfits. And contrary to the popular hype from the modern pulpit about the church “taking over” and changing how the world works, what Jesus said about the church was that it would be hated and persecuted to the very end.

Here is that vital part of the good news that your churches have failed to tell you: believing in the Lord Jesus Christ will always make you an outsider to the world. You will be a part of a minority that is misunderstood and generally disliked. And there is nothing anyone can do about it: the hatred for the church will get worse and worse and these called out ones will keep being pushed to the fringes. The church isn’t taking over anything on this side of eternity.

Christians need to man up and take their persecution honourably like the kings and gods they say they are. Or they can live on in denial and delusion and let reality push them into a state of shock. And then many will fall away from the faith. Sad; but that is exactly what will happen.

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