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Better Advice: Aim to get it right each time

Everywhere you turn, young people are being told that in order to succeed they need to double their failure rate. In other words, fail often in order to increase your chances of success. I don’t understand this “double your failure rate” thing people are being told. For example, if our parents had given us this

When your results speak for you

This afternoon, I opened another mail that came in today. It was from a corporation that wants a business partnership with MobilityArena. I know the company well. I know them well because we had approached them in the past for the very same partnership that they are now asking for. Our request was denied back

Passion is where the road to success starts

Whatever field of endeavour it is that you have chosen to play in, or have been thrown into by life, the first ingredient that you need is passion. Passion will drive you on good days and bad. Passion will keep you going through the storms and the rough patches. Passion will draw attention to you