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Humour: Take me back to Benin

An old woman boarded a bus to Lagos from Calabar and told the driver: “Driver, please, when we reach Benin tell me o.” The driver nodded and then she shouted again: “My children, una hear wetin I tell am?” Everybody responded: “Yes, Mama.” On the long journey to Lagos, everybody slept off and forgot about

A BBM chat from a public toilet

Tunde: I am now in the dumpster at ShopLeft. My first time ever. The smell of my poo is killing people here. Tunde: I am sooooo badass. Shade: Looooool *tears* *tears* *tears* *tears* *tears* *tears* Shade: Oh lawd!! Tunde: I’m almost choking myself to death. Tunde: I can imagine the comments guys will pass when they step out of here.