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Growing Mobility Arena: behind the scenes

Growth is what every builder, entrepreneur, or business person, wants. There is no substitute for growth. Unfortunately, growth comes with pains. Whether you are growing teeth, improving and expanding social infrastructure (like roads), or growing a blog, there will be pains along the way. That is what growing Mobility Arena has been about. Going Against

A conversation about an ugly blog

This post about an ugly blog is based on a real life conversation between a website designer and his friend, Emma, a blogger based in Lagos. Designer: Hello Emma. Another thing.. this your blog user interface is ugly o. Honestly. Blogger: LOL. What’s ugly about it? Designer: Have a look at [competing blog 1] or

#Blogging101: How to be a great blogger

There are many tips and guidelines about how to create blog posts that go viral. There are many articles about how to make tons of money as a blogger. This is not one of them. As you may have noticed, following those guidelines is often a hit-and-miss affair. What I have to share here is