Sunday Blues: I won’t fuel my pastor’s private jet!

Uncle Mo and I (secret lovers?) were talking this morning and he made a very profound joke. I will rewind a little bit.

Uncle Mo, you see, does not go to church. I have no idea what caused this divorce. All I know is it was costly enough to have scared him permanently off church. Anyway, so I taunted him this morning by asking if he was going to church, giving him the chance to retort: “Me and church. Since when?”

We both had a good laugh and he asked me to hurry up and go to church because my pastor’s jet won’t fuel itself. That was the profound joke. And it cut right through my heart.

In this age and time when our “pastors” quote the scriptures out of context, one should hardly get disappointed when they say something like “Yes; I have a private jet, but I loaned it out to someone. He decided to go do arms and money laundering deals with my jet. And hey, that’s his problem, not mine.”

And then you get disappointed. Or maybe even annoyed. Or pissed off altogether. But I have devised a means of staying sane. I have never trusted some pastors really and if you happened to be jerry-curled and blinged up one, ah…well. I have never trusted blinged up musicians sef, so why would I trust you?

I think it is sad what the church today considers okay. Remember the higher level of grace or something along that line? I am glad I do not go to these certain churches that levy us in the name of “offerings”.

My response to Uncle Mo’s joke, I said my pastor doesn’t have a jet and if it so happens that he got one, he’s gonna have to fuel it himself. My money is for the development of the church (as in the bible context) not of my pastor’s purse.

Disclaimer: “I have no idea what Ruth is talking about in this post. Honest. I swear by my great grandfather’s holy beard. Now, y’all run along to church, kids.” – Mo


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