Throwing Submission Out of Marriage

As far as I can see from the Bible, submission in the context of marriage is more or less to commit to the consideration or judgment of another. Put differently, it is to follow the leadership of another. It is not to yield to the tyranny of another.

I understand that men have sometimes carried the concept of submission too far. Brutes and dictators need to be cut down to size, and I can never side with a man who oppresses or subjugates his wife, or treats her like a slave or lesser person. It is my firm belief though that in rebelling against oppression at the hands of some men, women have gone overboard with the whole thing.

Out with Submission

Sometime ago, I responded to a lady who was preaching against submission in marriage. She cited cases of how wicked men have oppressed their wives. I responded that wickedness is the issue, not submission. Her retort was that wickedness is not the issue. She stated that nobody is perfect, so no-one should have to submit to another. I found that very off-the-mark. Let’s see why.

Women get in their cars or take public transport and submit to traffic rules and regulations drawn up and enforced by imperfect officials. They submit to the laws of the country and state that they live and work in. At work, they submit to their bosses and employers, who are also imperfect humans. At church, they submit to their pastors and officials, another set of imperfect humans. They have no problem with submission anywhere else and to everyone else but in the home and to their husbands.

There must be more to this anti-submission campaign than meets the eye.

Submission, when properly done creates and nurtures order. It puts no-one down. What people should be campaigning for is proper implementation, not attempting to throw it out the window. How can following the leadership or judgement of your man be considered a bad thing? Perhaps you married an idiot? Just perhaps.

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2 thoughts on “Throwing Submission Out of Marriage

  1. My opinion is that you don’t submit to just anyone. After recently hearing about a selfish philandering husband I basically said you show people how to treat you.

    Some people do not deserve my submission and I will not submit to them. I will submit to the laws of the land and the rules that govern my job (there are consequences after all!), but if I don’t respect you, forget submission, whether you are a pastor, politico, or my line manager.

    Why marry a man you do not respect? If you don’t respect or trust them, you won’t submit. It’s that simple. Too many women marry to be Mrs Something regardless of the behaviour of the man in question. So he suddenly became wicked after marriage? That is not often the case and if so, you have to ask why. And men who talk of submission as in the mini dictators are really talking about obedience. They are clueless about submission.

    Submission in marriage is a two-way street. Both have to make compromises at times, sometimes one person needs to take the lead.

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