Stupidity Avenue: Military to publish names of Niger Delta Militants’ Sponsors

I was listening to newspapers headlines programme on radio this morning and heard the story of the Nigerian military saying that they were at work and would soon publish the names of the sponsors of the new militant group in the Niger Delta.

Are the military brass saying that they lack the capacity to hunt down, arrest and prosecute these sponsors? Or is it that the sponsors are too powerful to be apprehended?

Niger Delta Militants

For years, the Nigerian government has talked about the sponsors of terrorist groups in the country. In one case, a sitting president said that some of these sponsors were in his cabinet, yet no arrests were made. Does the government expect unarmed civilians to take up the responsibility of apprehending these individuals?

What is the rationale behind publishing their names? So, after the military publishes the names, what next? The sponsors will be struck with shame and repent and we can live happily ever after? Is the help of medicine men required to strike them down once the names are published?

If anyone has an answer to these questions, please help me. I am stumped.

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  1. Kaylese Emele May 16, 2016

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