Stop firing your coaches!

England got their asses handed to them by Iceland in the Euro 2016 round of 16. To avoid being sacked for that shambolic outing, Roy Hodgson, the England manager, bit the bullet and resigned his post. Spain was knocked out of the Euros, and Vicente Del Bosque resigned. Why won’t Arsene Wenger resign from managing Arsenal?

For eleven years, Arsenal fans waited and prayed for some miracle to happen. They prayed for Arsenal to win a trophy; they prayed for Arsene Wenger to be fired; they prayed for a whirlwind to come and take Wenger back to France. No one prays like an Arsenal fan. Then suddenly their prayers were answered. In 2015, Arsenal won the FA Cup, beating Hull City in the final. Then it seemed like they would not slow down, when they went on the pre-season tour and won the Emirates Cup. But since then, the closest they have come to winning another trophy is in the Premier League, where they managed o finish second (though that mush have counted as a trophy in Wenger’s mind, seeing as they have not finished above third place since 2004), and this position came with a ten-point gap between them and league winners Leicester  City.

Now under normal circumstances, when some coaches lose an important match, they get jittery and resign, or they are fired by the management. The problem I have with this system of hiring and firing is that it leaves no room for improvement for the coaches. Look at the case of Carlo Ancelotti in Real Madrid. He won the Champions league, and then got fired the next season due to a run of poor form. What’s to say he couldn’t have won it again? I’m looking at Zidane with one eye, now that he has won the Champions league in his first season in charge of Real. They would expect him to win it again, and if he fails to do that, someone is going to start whispering into the ears of the management to fire him.

This system might be working for some clubs (who can afford hiring coaches every two weeks), but not everyone should follow the example of Real Madrid. Good coaches are not that easy to come by, and firing coaches will not solve the problem they must have caused. For example, if Hodgson had not resigned, I’m sure he would have been fired. This would not have brought England back into the Euros. Neither would it qualify them for the World Cup in 2018. Now they have to search for another coach, and while Arsene Wenger is currently the rumored favorite (and currently unavailable), they have to sit and wait. This is not the best thing for England at the moment, seeing as they have their prestige to regain.

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