Start a business with Facebook’s Express WiFi

TechSuplex reports that Facebook is deploying Express WiFi Hotspots around Lagos. The beauty of it is that, you can also start a business with it. Do read on to understand how it works.

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What Is Express Wifi?

Facebook works with carriers, internet service providers, and local entrepreneurs to help expand connectivity via Wifi hotspsots to underserved locations around the world. The service was first implemented in India and Nigeria is the second country to get the hostpots.

Is Express Wifi Free?

No; Express Wifi is not free to use. However, it is very cheap, compared to prevailing internet rates. In the case of Lagos, TechSuplex reports that subscribers can get 5GB monthly for just N1,600. That is very cheap. Or 100 MB for just N40.00 for a day.

Start A Business

Express Wifi is not just cheap for consumers; it is also an opportunity for people looking to start a business or earn extra income. According to the report, interested entrepreneurs can get the Wifi equipment (including a 1Kva inverter) setup for free and make a 15% commission on each Express Wifi data plan sale. Basically, you can get a mini cyber-cafe setup for free (you need a premises though). If you have a small business already and are looking for an extra source of income, you might want to give Express Wifi a look.

Start a business with Facebook's Express WiFi
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Start a business with Facebook's Express WiFi
Facebook's Express Wifi is now in Lagos. It not only provides cheap internet, it also gives you an awesome opportunity to start a business.
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  1. Hello Mr. Mo,
    How can i start a business with Express Wi-fi?
    what are the things i need to put in place like the startup capital and gadgets?
    Did you know anybody who has started this business that i can collect with?

    Thanks for your swift response….Cheers

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