Southampton finally ends Arsenal’s unbeaten run

Can we all take a moment to say “I told you so” to Arsene Wenger? I think he deserves more than that right now. Last night, all the hard work and dedication that the Gunners had put into their unbeaten streak came crashing round their ankles. Southampton beat Arsenal 2-0 in a largely one-sided contest. Did Arsene Wenger not know that this would happen?

I guess he did. He says that the team was weak against the Saints. Well, I would expect that if I fielded a bunch of teenagers against one of the meanest defences in the Premier League. And that’s exactly what happened last night.  Southampton fielded their normal team, albeit with a few changes. Wenger played someone with diarrhea and a bunch of teenagers. Who could have won this contest?

Well, I wouldn’t blame Wenger too much about the defeat. After all, he has bigger things to worry about, like the Champions League and the Premier League, right? The EFL Cup is just a minor inconvenience for the Gunners, therefore the junior team should play there. However, this is the only trophy that Arsene Wenger has not won in England. If you are in a competition you do not want to win, you get yourself eliminated as soon as you can, and save yourself the trouble. Apparently that’s what Wenger did against Southampton.

Some senior players did show up in the match. Lucas Perez made his return from injury. Once again, I wonder why Arsenal is so cursed with injuries like this; Perez is a dude they just signed this summer. What business does he have with injuries at this time of his Arsenal career? Well, this just shows how his time at the Emirates will be. Also, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain played in this match; he started from the bench. Again. Tell us, Arsene Wenger, is Jeff Rene-Adelaide such a great player that you will start him ahead of a more experienced player against Southampton? Decision-making error, that’s what this is.

In the meantime, congrats to Southampton. They have done in the EFL Cup what they could not hope to achieve in the EPL this season. I hope they meet Chelsea next.

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