When your results speak for you

This afternoon, I opened another mail that came in today. It was from a corporation that wants a business partnership with MobilityArena. I know the company well. I know them well because we had approached them in the past for the very same partnership that they are now asking for. Our request was denied back then. But here we are today and the table is turned. They have come looking for us.

What changed? Better results. They are not the only one either. We have received telephone calls and emails from scores of businesses of this sort who have turned us down in the past. The pattern is the same: we get turned down, but months or years later, out of the blues, they contact us requesting to work with us.


Does it feel good? Like heck, it does. It feels good every time the big boys who had said No to you later do a U-turn and come after you. Even better, you are now being offered waivers and incentives that you wouldn’t have dared to ask for.

I am not going to try to dish out any deep advice or philosophical nuggets to you. I just know that building Africa’s largest tech blog the way we did has not been easy. But it looks like it is all paying off now. This is where we are now and we will make the best of these partnerships that are coming our way. It is a pleasant place to be.

To be courted and wooed. Is this why women love to be chased by men? Damn good feeling. I want to be a woman. Yeah. Maybe. Maybe not.

This won’t stop with MobilityArena only though. As you may already know, we are building a network of some of the most valuable online properties out of Africa. These include: CP-Africa, House Of Mo, and CyberSchuulNews. Our team will painstakingly slug on and replicate these results across all our platforms.

But success is an amazing thing. The Yoruba people of South Western Nigeria have a saying that loosely translated says, the successful person has many fathers and mothers and brothers and sisters and friends. Everyone wants to identify with success. Well, almost everyone.


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