Players are gradually becoming overpriced

Last week, news hit the streets that Paul Pogba was priced at 250 million euros. Can we take a moment to let that sink in? 250 million is quite big; nobody should be worth that much. It is a crime against humanity; even drug barons would balk at that kind of price for a ball-kicking 23-year old servant.

Forgive me, but I think this has gotten too much. Entertainment is a global business, and it generates tons of cash; and millions of people pay to watch these guys do their thing. But 250 million euros for one player seems to me like a deal too good to be true. That’s like, a quarter of a billion euros. Now consider this fact: West Bromwich Albion is being sold for 150 million Euros. If that did not just make you want to yell obscenities at Juventus and Paul Pogba, then you have no idea what I’m talking about.

My point is, every player is good, but no one is that good. There has to be some kind of regulation, a limit that can make sure no one gets overpriced. And this overpricing should have ended with Gareth Bale. I mean, if this goes on, soon some people will be priced out of the market. People like Sunderland will be less able to buy quality players than they already are. And let us not get started on the injustice of it all; nobody deserves to be made to feel inferior to his fellow footballer. Look at Hal-Robson Kanu, for instance. He shone like a million stars in this year’s Euros, yet he is leaving Reading for free. Going by that logic, Paul Pogba (who performed way less than Kanu) should be going for less than free. Though lets not judge based on one tournament. In that case, look to Jamie Vardy, who steadily clawed his way from the Championship to the top of the Premier League. Tell me, if he was valued at 250 million euros, would Leicester City have gotten their talismanic striker?

No one should cost that much, period. Its not like they produce bursts of golden  kittens made of soft chocolate whenever they kick a ball. Especially not Paul Pogba.


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