Paola Saulino votes “no”; Frank Edwards dumps Facebook; the boys chasing Nicki!

Paola Saulino has something special for everyone

Did you guys hear about the Italian actress? No? Okay, here it is. Italian actress Paola Saulino promised everyone a blowjob. That is, everyone that voted “no” in a recent Italian referendum. Well, this is an interesting way to serve your fatherland. I can imagine the throngs of guys that would vote “no” in this referendum. However, it appears a victory for the “yes” side of the referendum could plunge Italy into crisis. So, I guess Paola Saulino is doing her part to save the nation, one dick at a time. Nice tactic, Paola.

Facebook blocked Frank Edwards’ account

That news post just made something crystal clear to me. I just realized that the world is a very corrupt place. Well, more corrupt than I thought it would be. However, some people are committed to keeping the world a bit less depraved. Take Frank Edwards, for example; the dude announced on Facebook Live that he would be distributing Bibles to the souls he won for Christ recently. Well, Facebook closed his account, guys. Therefore, for over two months now, Frank Edwards has not used Facebook. I guess someone reported him for doing that. Well, that was a weird turn of events.

Mismatched couple gets everyone talking

Ladies and gentlemen, if you are going to get married, please marry someone you love. Well, I’m sure you know that already. I’m sure that this couple knew that, and that’s why they are a couple now. Everyone doubts them, but I think they make a cute couple. However, dear reader, I can only imagine what happens behind closed doors with these lovebirds.

The guys are after Nicki Minaj!

Early this year, Nicki Minaj announced her split from Meek Mill. Well, this has put the internet into frenzy, and the guys are tripping over each other for a chance to get at Miss Young Money. However, the worst of them all seems to be Safaree, her old flame. Dude tweeted at her “hey big head”, in a clear attempt to remind her of the good times. However, Nicki has declined to comment. I’d love to see how this goes.

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