Love Does Not Exist

Yes; I typed those words, and I am not drunk. Ten years ago, I wouldn’t have been caught dead typing such. Still, take time to hear me out. You dream of love – you talk about it, tweet about it, even sing it. Everybody wants unconditional love. But it simply does not exist in the

Beyond Mobile

This is where I get to share the crazy stuff that I have in my head – and I have lots of them. I have tons of interests – music, dance, relationships, space travel, religion, culture, parenting, drama, and much more. But beyond just interests, being a polymath has its challenges. Here on my personal

MobilityNigeria appoints Business Development Partner

Lagos, Nigeria: MobilityNigeria, the flagship Nigerian blog founded by leading mobile and web consultant, Yomi Adegboye, have the pleasure of announcing the addition of Jesse Oguntimehin to the team as Business Development Partner. Mr. Oguntimehin’s specialty is digital marketing and strategy, and he will be responsible for strategic development of projects and marketing thrusts to