Man To Woman: Stop Acting Like A Prostitute!

In counselling sessions, sometimes a wife would complain about not getting sexual satisfaction from her husband. In trying to spice up the marriage bed, sometimes the wife would come up with something imaginative, tantalizing, and titillating. In many cases, the husband would rebuff her with a statement like, “Stop acting like a prostitute!” That line

Good Listeners Needed: People Need To Talk

If you have ever had that special friend that you could talk freely to and share your joys, successes, failures and troubles, you must appreciate the value of the freedom to talk freely in any relationship. Children long to be able to speak with their parents, but often times, the parents are too pre-occupied with

Typing Shorthand On a Full QWERTY keyboard

Recently, on Mister Mo’s blog, I published an article titled Are We Abbreviating Our Relationships Away? The article was to stimulate thinking with regards the new trend of abbreviating any and every word while communicating in text. One of the comments that was submitted in response to that article is this: It still boggles my

A Lower Order Of Man

The issue of rape is a serious one. While I know that rape is committed on both genders, in this article, I shall be focusing on the subject as it affects women as victims. Of course, the issues involved for both sexes are similar, and so much of what is said here is applicable to

Are We Abbreviating Our Relationships Away?

In simple terms, an abbreviation is a shortened form of a word or phrase. It is from the Latin word, “brevis”, which means short. Abbreviations are not new. They have been around for a very long time. Usually, abbreviations were used more when making reference to organisations. For example, the UN (United Nations), NEMA (National